Acoustic Partitioning: Control The Flow Of Sound

Install excellent sound insulation without taking up unnecessary room

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    Komfire 75 Acoustic Partitions

    If you’re looking for an acoustic partitioning system that also features fireproof capabilities, then the Komfort Komfire 75 is the right product for the task. Incorporating 75 mm thick plasterboard and metal studs, the aluminium edged partition ensures up to 43 dB acoustic attainments.

    In addition, the system has been designed to provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire protection. Available with panel options and a wide variety of colour finishes, the Komfire 75 is suitable for most office environments.

    Komfire 100 Acoustic Partitions

    Because it can grant acoustic attainment of up to 52 dB, the Komfort Komfire 100 is the ideal system for office settings, where sound clarity is critical. In addition to sound clarity, the product also features 100 mm double-skinned thick panels that ensure at least one hour of fire resistance. Take note that the panels are available in both the solid and glazed versions.

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    Acoustic partitioning

    Tenon Vitrage (dB) Acoustic Partitions

    If your company puts a great deal of emphasis on the professional appearance of the office setting, then the Tenon Vitrage (dB) partitioning might be exactly what your working area needs.

    Not only does the Tenon Vitrage system guarantee a contemporary and open look within your office space, but it’s also capable of an excellent sound reduction performance of up 47 dB. Because it includes a two-part base, the system can be seamlessly installed with as little interference to your operations as possible.