Office Storage Systems

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    Office cabinets, cupboards and shelves

    Rotary cabinets

    Nowadays, the success of a business is partly dependent on its procedures regarding document management. Efficiency is the ultimate goal of any modern company, and achieving this goal is directly correlated with filing and document management.

    Rotary cabinets not only tidy your office, but also provide a secure storage solution for all sorts of documents and files that need to be kept. Our screens feature a mesh material filter and, if required, they can incorporate a printed graphic.

    Mobile shelving systems

    Given the high cost of office and retail floor space today, the importance of using it to its fullest potential cannot be stressed enough. Mobile storage systems are an excellent solution, as they condense storage into a substantially smaller area. Despite occupying minimal floor space, these systems offer ample storage capacity for your company’s needs.

    One major advantage of mobile storage is that it eliminates the need for traditional access aisles, freeing up even more valuable floor space.

    Modern office storage space