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    Large amount of full metal racking


    Jade Aden Interiors offers a vast array of shelving and racking options to help you optimize your newly installed mezzanine floor. We guarantee that our products are designed with functionality in mind, so you and your staff can have a safe and organised area to work in. Our wide range of storage solutions include:

    From shelving designed for offices to factory use, we offer a comprehensive range of shelving options that are suitable for a wide variety of industries and settings. Mobile shelving and rotator cabinets are two popular choices for the office, while long span and small parts shelving are in high demand in retail, warehouse and factory use.

    Floor over racking

    The floor over racking has been a particularly popular storage solution within commercial settings and especially warehouses. The versatility and adjustability of this option allows our technicians to tailor it to precisely meet your company’s requirements. Jade Aden offers floors over racking featuring walkways and staircases for ease of access around the storage area.

    Mezzanine floor and storage racking
    orange and blue pallet racking

    Pallet racking

    We at Jade Aden Interiors understand that the role of the pallet racking is to be able to manage the load capacity and handling demand specific inventory for your business safely and proficiently. Consequently, before we design and construct your system, our team will assess the load and stock prerequisites as well as the handling routines of your business.

    This is why we can guarantee that our pallet racking system will fit flawlessly within your company’s procedures. When we say an extensive list of pallet racking systems, we actually mean it! So far, Jade Aden Interiors has designed and installed all sorts of systems, from double deep and push back pallet racking to narrow aisle, wide aisle and drive in systems.

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