Staircases and Handrails

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    Metal staircase


    Staircase Requirements

    On the other hand, if the mezzanine and staircase are part of your office accommodation, then it must meet the M part of the building regulations. Staircases must be also suitable for disabled individuals use, it means that the minimum acceptable width is of 1,200 mm. In addition, the staircase must feature closed treads, continuous handrails on both sides and colour safety edge nosing. If the staircase includes more than 12 steps, then it also needs to feature a landing.

    In the event the mezzanine floor is installed for public or retail use, then it is mandatory to fit in handrails at a height of 900 mm. Moreover, the staircase must incorporate surrounding infill panels that are made of decorative steel, mesh or glass.

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    Metal staircase and handrails
    stairs with metal handrail


    Variety of different styles

    It is important to note that all staircases provided by Jade Aden Interiors are made of mild steel, and are manufactured according to the British standards and regulations. Jade Aden Interiors offers handrails designed in conformity with the BRE digest 437 and British standards.

    • Mild steel handrails
    • Standard edge protection handrails
    • Mash panelled handrails
    • Wall mounted handrails
    • Stainless steel handrails

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