Clean Rooms

A clean room is an environment characterised by a low level of contaminants such as microbes, dust, chemical vapours or aerosol particles. Unlike many of our other services, a clean rooms priority is in its functionality and only that and given its nature, it is understandable why accuracy and careful planning are so critical when designing this speciality working space.

We are vigilant in ensuring that our clean room installations are to the highest standard and comply with ISO clean room standards. One of the most critical aspects of a clean room design is that the air is controlled and the air change per hour is at the correct level for the work that will be taking place within the room. Studies have suggested that the air change per hour gives a better guideline for the cleanliness standard of the room, we are vigilant in ensuring that we design and manufacture a clean room that exceeds your expectations and enables you to work at your highest standard.

We offer a personal service to cater for your clean room needs

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Catering for your every need

Similarly to our other services we offer a personal service where one of our experts will assess your needs and work with you to cater to your clean room needs, whether it's for medical research, engineering or manufacturing purposes, you can count on Jade Aden Interiors to provide you with a complete package that includes all services from the design phase to the actual installation. Our designers and installers have undergone extensive training to deliver safe, clean and functional clean rooms. Functionality is key to your clean room, for this reason, we will have one-on-one discussions to assess the prerequisites of the space with your first.

While we will provide tips and advice, we won’t begin the project until all design details have been agreed upon. Our team will typically begin the installation after the designs have been signed off under the appropriate standards and regulations.

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Highest Standards

Once the designs have been signed off and we are ready to start building your clean room we ensure that everyone is on the same page and agrees on every aspect of the clean room; we understand the importance of a clean room being to the highest standard. As a company, Jade Aden Interiors have set high standards for ourselves so you shouldn’t expect anything less, regardless of whether we’re talking about the design or the materials. If you have any questions regarding our practices and clean room projects, we’re more than happy to help.

Our design and installation services are available for businesses across Southampton, Hampshire, the Home Counties and other areas in Southern England.

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