Sustainable Office Design

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    Selecting Sustainable Fixtures And Fittings

    Looking to make your office more eco-friendly? Our sustainable office design service includes sourcing and selecting sustainable fixtures and fittings, such as kitchen cupboards made from fully biodegradable materials and sofas made from recycled fabrics.

    In addition to selecting sustainable options, we also offer upcycling services to give a new life to your existing fixtures and fittings. Our team can sand down and repaint cupboards and ensure that old sofas are taken for upcycling. We take care of every aspect of your sustainable office design project through our painting and decorating and project management services.

    To create a greener, more natural space, we can also incorporate biophilic features like potted plants and flowers.

    Selecting Eco-Friendly Paints

    Standard paint includes VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds emit gases that aren’t environmentally friendly, so if you’re looking for sustainability in all aspects of your office design, choosing a sustainably sourced paint will help.

    Eco-friendly paints – while more expensive – don’t contain these chemicals. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the way in which some sustainable paint is manufactured reduces the imprint of producing the paint on the environment, making it sustainable in more than one way.

    If you’re looking to repaint your office, our office design team will help you to choose the right colours and source a paint that sits in line with your sustainability goals.

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    Efficient Lighting And Energy Sourcing

    As part of ensuring your office design is more sustainable, we’ll look into installing a lighting system that switches on and off depending on whether someone is in the room. We can also install the lighting system with more eco-friendly bulbs, meaning you’ll burn through less power.

    With renewable energy sources the most sustainable way for you to power your office, Jade Aden Interiors is happy to work alongside third parties to install solar panels or more sustainable heating sources. Our project management team will ensure our team and the third party are aligned to keep your office design on track.

    Choose Jade Aden Interiors For Your Sustainable Office Design

    The team at Jade Aden Interiors aren’t just about offering the best sustainable office designs. Omega and Aspire Defense Approved and a member of the Association of Interior Specialists, Jade Aden Interiors bring expertise across multiple disciplines, including design drawing, painting and decorating and the installation of fixtures and fittings.

    To talk to the team about your plans for your office space, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01425 689199.

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