The Boardroom

For many, the boardroom is the most important room in an office; this is where all the big decisions are made and the brightest ideas thought up. We take pride in understanding the importance of the boardroom and getting the details perfect for your business.

With an abundance of options to choose from, we are dedicated to working around you, and encourage our customers to think through every decision about the furniture as seriously as any other decision made in that room. Understanding the needs of your boardroom and fulfilling them to the highest standard within your budget is our priority.

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Working Environment

We understand that this working environment needs to be perfect in terms of style, flexibility and comfort. These three elements are the cornerstones for an area that inspires ideas, free thinking and enhances communication. In short, it promotes productivity.

From selecting the most favourable lighting in order to set the right atmosphere to installing soundproof partitioning system, Jade Aden Interiors will provide you with valuable tips and options regarding the design of your company’s boardroom.

From our headquarters in Southampton, we have provided complete boardroom refurbishment services for businesses across the south of England. This includes Salisbury, Dorchester in Dorset, Swindon in Wiltshire, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth in Hampshire, Poole, Weymouth, Bournemouth and throughout Sussex.

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The Table

This single piece of furniture can dictate the entire boardroom, these tables can come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes. This can seem overwhelming at first - as said before, there’s a lot riding on this decision - luckily we have an extensive range to accommodate for all sizes and a team ready and raring to help you out.

We recommend that before you even look at any table designs you assess the room and its restrictions, how many people are in your meetings and whether you will be using anything like a screen or projector that they will need to see. Once you have got all the details it's time to think about style!

This room will often be the first impression that clients will see so try to make all factors of the room speak for your company, for example; For a more traditional company a classic look is often favourite, a wooden or veneer table the will exude power. Making this decision is not something you should do alone, we have a team dedicated to helping you, however, it's always advised that you bring a second set of eyes and ears in who belong to someone who will also be using the room, this way you can get an informed second opinion.

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Seating arrangements

Choosing your seating is just as important as every other choice made within the boardroom, potential clients could certainly judge you on this choice. Not to mention how it could affect the decisions made within the board room, it is recommended that you choose seating that is comfortable but not too comfortable, this may sound odd but through our year's experience, we have found that having a plush and very comforting chair can potentially distract employees and clients and make them less alert.

We have a wide choice of boardroom furniture that is guaranteed to meet all tastes, comfort is a priority in this case. Meetings can vary in length of time and there is nothing worse than sitting in a meeting uncomfortably, this can be incredibly distracting for everyone if someone is constantly fidgeting during a meeting and that person is not going to be focussed on the meeting as much.

Keeping all of these things in mind we boast an extensive range that can bring you comfort and style within your budget.

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We pride ourselves on keeping up with trends and adapting to the new technology world, we understand that a lot of meetings now include various different forms of technology for presentation and interaction. We also understand that technology should sometimes be disguised in the boardroom, seeing screens whether they are being used or not can trigger distraction, we try to integrate technology into your boardroom seamlessly so it is easy to access and able to be hidden too.

Jade Aden Interiors can take care of all aspects of integrating technology into the boardroom’s outline. Based on your needs, we can incorporate TV screens, media walls, AV displays and video conferencing in the design. We can take care of both the electronics and data cabling.

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