Suspended Ceilings

As mezzanine flooring and suspended ceiling specialists, Jade Aden Interiors are perfectly positioned to offer a range of illuminated and acoustic suspended ceiling systems. Offices need an appropriate level of noise to create that positive working atmosphere, helping to keep staff motivated and efficient. Happy employees are more likely to produce better quality work, so maintaining this atmosphere at all times is crucial - especially when you move premises or refurbish existing office space.

Open plan offices and flexible working environments are commonplace nowadays, meaning an efficient suspended ceiling system is crucial for almost any office-based business.

 Jade Aden Interiors provide high quality suspended ceiling systems with a vast range of styling options - so get in touch today on 01425 689199

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Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

In order to provide a focussed and motivated working space for staff, maintaining a consistent and acceptable level of ambient noise is crucial. A motivated and focussed workforce is key to an efficient and profitable organisation, so every effort is worth making to provide the most comfortable environment conducive to working efficiency.

Nowadays, open plan offices and flexible work settings are in high demand. As well as contributing to a user-friendly work environment, the efficiency of these work areas can depend on the efficiency of the room's acoustics.

Noise in general is known to affect the employee's physical and psychological comfort. For instance, your staff members will be easily distracted and become irritated when they're constantly hearing background noise and intrusive voices. Simply put, unwelcome sounds will diminish their ability to concentrate and divert their attention from the tasks they're expected to perform.

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Suspended Ceilings

Different Ceilings

Jade Aden Interiors doesn’t only provide eye-catching suspended ceiling options, but also solutions that improve office space acoustics as well as the morale of your staff. We are suppliers and installers of high quality products, including but not limited to:

Ecophone ceilings

OWA Ceilings Systems

Armstrong Ceilings

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Suspended Ceilings

Illuminated Suspended Ceilings

For those looking to create a positive first impression on visitors to their facilities with regards to style, illuminated suspended ceilings could be the ideal choice. As well as being an eye-catching feature, illuminated suspended ceilings also help to conceal cabling, air conditioning systems and can even provide sound insulation.

Regardless of the lighting solution you have in mind, we offer with a vast range of designs to meet your needs.

Although illuminated suspended ceilings can be found in almost all locations nowadays, few of us notice them at first glance. Moreover, few people realise the impact this type of lighting solution has on a particular room and the way visitors react to it.

We can guarantee that a professionally designed illuminated ceiling will make any room look brighter and more spacious.

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Illuminated Suspended Ceilings

Efficient Ceilings

In our modern society, ceilings are more than the proverbial roof over your head. In fact, an efficient ceiling is one that can perform several roles simultaneously:

Provide illumination

Absorb sounds

Ensure HVAC

Ensure fire protection

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Illuminated Suspended Ceilings

Our team has the necessary expertise to fulfil all these requirements. We have provided suspended ceiling installation services throughout the entire Southern England to all types of spaces, including governmental agencies, airports, museums, sports centres, concert halls, clinics, conference halls, office buildings and shopping centres.

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