Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are a brilliant way of dividing an existing office space up into smaller designated areas. You may want glass partitioning in your office to create areas for private boardrooms, sound reduction benefits or for simply design and style purposes. Jade Aden Interiors are one of the leading glass partitioning specialists in the South, we have a wide range of office refurbishment services that will transform your business. Our team of designers and installers can customise your glass partitions to suit the specific demands of your business.

Regardless or whether you are looking for a half/part glazed glass partitions, or a floor-to-ceiling partitioning system you can be confident our team will find exactly what you need. If you are having trouble selecting a suitable glass partitioning system for your office, let our designers lend you a hand. Our experienced team of partition design specialists can help you pick up the most suitable fixed divider or a flexible system that adjusts to your dynamic working environment.

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Tenon Vitrage

If you'd prefer a continuous, stylish flow of glass throughout your office space, then the Tenon Vitrage glass partitions are the right option for you! Using either 10mm or 12mm thick toughened glass, the stylish glazing is achieved by Tenon crystal clear glazing gaskets, that remove the need for a silicone-edged perimeter. Overall with no silicone-edges, this leaves the Tenon Vitrage glass partitions looking incredibly neat and flawless in any office environment.

Our team of experts install vertical silicone joints to durably hold the glass partitions together, we also can install crystal clear plastic jointing sections for dry jointing in-between the glass panels that provides a more subtle look. 

Are you interested in the Tenon Vitrage for your office? Contact our team today on 01425 689199.

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Single-glazed glass partitions 

If you're keen to maintain a light and airy atmosphere in your office, you can’t go wrong with a single glazed partitioning system. Not only do glass partitions allow huge amounts of natural light to enter your office, but they also convey the impression of a larger space whilst still ensuring an efficient separation and division of your office environment. Our experts can customise your glass partitions to include different colours, logos, text or branding if required, to promote your business's values to employees and clients. 

For more information about Jade Aden Interior's single glazed partitioning contact 01425 689199 today! 

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Double-glazed glass partitions

By far our most popular products, the double-glazed partitioning systems are guaranteed to create a professional image in your office area. Similar to the single glazed system, they allow natural light to flow freely within the office, while making an office look bigger at the same time. The advantage of these systems comes from their acoustic properties and noise reduction features. Simply put, the double-glazed systems can help you create a working space that inspires communication, innovation and originality within your workforce.

Contact our friendly team on 01425 689199 to discuss your particular glass partition requirements. 

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Fire Protection

Jade Aden Interiors are one of the leading glass partition experts in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. All glass partitioning systems our designers produce follow all building fire regulations, and include fire protection features to ensure safety in your office for your team. Your office glass partitions must include a frost glass film, or have a glazed manifestation installed to comply with building safety regulations, if you would like more information simply contact our team today!

We provide a wide range of design options so you can add functionality to your office space, without compromising style and design. If you are interested in renovating your office to make it more efficient or functional, do not hesitate to get in touch on 01425 689199.

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