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    What is an Office Fit Out?

    Why Choose Us for an Office Fit Out?

    With over 20 years of experience providing high-quality office fit outs in Salisbury, we’re one of the leading office designers across Dorset and Hampshire. Delivering on time and on budget is our speciality for office fit outs in Salisbury, and we provide the right balance of attention to detail with speedy transformations. Our qualified team are committed to working to the highest standard, covering all bases of planning applications, safety inspections, building regulations and CDM regulations.

    Find out more about our office fit out services in Salisbury by calling our experts on 01425 689199.

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    Boardroom with London design on wall

    Office Fit Out FAQs

    We’ll be happy to help with any office fit out enquiry you may have. Contact us on 01425 689199 to find out more.

    Do I need planning permission for an office fit-out?

    In almost all cases you will not need planning permission for an office fit out as the changes are all internal, however you will need Building Regulations approval. If you need help applying for Building Regulations our team are happy to help you! Contact us today on 01425 689199 for more information.

    How do I prepare for an office fit-out?

    Preparing for an office fit out requires lots of research, and of course our team of experts can assist with this to ensure your office fit out goes smoothly. The three main pieces of advice we say to our clients is to appoint an internal project team, asks our experts lots of questions, and doing thorough research beforehand. Do you still feel unsure of how to prepare for an office fit out? Get in touch on 01425 689199 we’ll be happy to help!

    Will I need to apply for building control?

    You will need to apply for building control if you choose to have an office fit out. Some large projects require signing off by building control to ensure they meet Health and Safety standards. Jade Aden Interiors are happy to provide you with the appropriate details to apply to building control, or we can do this on your behalf if needed. Contact us today on 01425 689199.

    How long does an office fit-out take?

    Completion of an office fit out varies depending on each individual project. Different factors will affect how long the office fit out will take, but we would suggest that it typically would take between 8-12 weeks from start to finish. Are you interested in an office fit out but want an exact timeframe on how long it will take? Get in touch with a member of our team on 01425 689199 to discuss your requirements.

    Will my business be impacted during an office fit-out?

    It depends on particular circumstances and which category you choose. For example, if you want an office fit-out that includes new suspended ceilings, mezzanine flooring, partitioning, staircases, handrails, and storage walls, then we would need to clear out the space to provide a safe and efficient result. Contact us on 01425 689199 today to find out more.