A Total Guide to Office Fit-Outs

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    Why might you need an office fit-out?

    What does your office space say about you?

    Are you maximising your office space?

    It’s an expensive and lengthy business to move offices, which is why fitting out your office to maximise space is so important. There are all sorts you can do to create an office space that caters for all areas of your business – from sectioning off meeting rooms with acoustic glass partitions to improving health and safety with integrated storage solutions.

    What should you think about before you go ahead with an office fit-out?

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    • BUDGET

    Before you make any concrete plans, be sure that you know your budget and understand the costs involved. While an office fit-out is an expense, it’s also a long-term investment that can greatly benefit your business. An attractive and well-designed workspace can have a huge impact on efficiency and motivation.


    While we always aim to minimise disruption during an office fit-out, it’s still advisable to avoid scheduling one during your busiest time. Set out your deadlines and expectations early, and we will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible.


    Do you need more space, more storage, or maybe you want to reduce noise travel? Think about why you want to address the fit-out of your office in the first place.

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    What’s included in an office fit-out?

    At Jade Aden Interiors, we can take care of your office fit-out from start to finish. But if you would like a partial office fit-out, we offer two categories:

    The installation of mechanical and electrical services, the installation of toilets, and also the construction of features like a mezzanine floor or suspended ceiling

    Painting, decorating, furnishing, carpeting – and all the additional touches that will make the space your own

    Further information on what’s included in an office fit-out







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    Choosing the right company to complete your office fit-out

    There are lots of companies out there that offer office fit-out services. But giving your office a makeover is a huge investment and it needs to be able to support your staff and the growth of your business over the years to come.

    Naturally, you’ll want to pick the best company to complete the fit-out first time, so here are a few tips for choosing the right one:

    Check accreditations

    Do they have a portfolio?

    Are they clear on costs?

    Being slapped with unexpected costs is the last thing any business owner wants. A good office fit-out company will be transparent with their pricing from the offset; ask questions about what you’ll be paying for and establish your budget from the start, so you aren’t hit with a daunting service bill.

    Our office fit-out experts work within your budget to provide you with a brand-new office space that you and your staff are bound to love.

    Choose Jade Aden Interiors for your office fit-out

    So there you have it – everything you need to know about office fit-outs. If you like the sound of what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01425 689199 to discuss the transformation of your office space. We’re more than happy to come over to your offices for a consultation, where we can help you to build the vision for your new office.