Staircases and Handrails

Jade Aden Interiors offers a wide range of staircases and handrails for mezzanine floors. In fact, we provide quite a handful of features for all our staircase solutions so you and your staff can make the best out of your new mezzanine space.

From eye-catching and elegant features that will impress clients and customers whom you invite on the premises of the added level to functional access points for your employees, you can find everything you need within our inventory.

Regardless of the features and options you prefer, rest assured our safety experts and designers will present you with all our available products. Not only can we supply you with the most suitable staircase options for your mezzanine level, but we also inform you about the necessary legal requirements and regulations.

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The first step in choosing a suitable staircase for your mezzanine involves determining the purpose of use for the new level. In case you want more storage space or intend to employ the new level for industrial applications, then the project must be in conformity with part K of building regulation policies.

To be more precise, the staircases must include handrails on both sides. The handrails should be at least 900 mm high and include a 500 mm high mid safety rail; they should also include a tread of 800 - 900 mm wide.

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Staircase Requirements

On the other hand, if the mezzanine and staircase are part of your office accommodation, then it must meet the M part of the building regulations. Take note that because the staircases must be suitable for disabled individuals use, it means that the minimum acceptable width is of 1,200 mm. In addition, the staircase must feature closed treads, continuous handrails on both sides and colour safety edge nosing. If the staircase includes more than 12 steps, then it also needs to feature a landing.

In the event the mezzanine floor is installed for public or retail use, then it is mandatory to fit in handrails at a height of 900 mm. Moreover, the staircase must incorporate surrounding infill panels that are made of decorative steel, mesh or glass.

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For safety reasons, staircases should incorporate handrails. We at Jade Aden do not only offer a wide array of functional and up-to-standard handrails, but also panelling, safety mid rails and handrails that are aesthetically pleasing. Simply put, our selection of handrails is available in numerous designs and colours so you do not have to compromise safety or functionality for the sake of style.

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Different Handrail Designs

Our handrail options include, but are not limited to quality solutions such as:

  • Mild steel handrails
  • Standard edge protection handrails
  • Mash panelled handrails
  • Wall mounted handrails
  • Stainless steel handrails

It is important to note that all staircases provided by Jade Aden Interiors are made of mild steel and are manufactured according to the British standards and regulations. Jade Aden Interiors offers handrails designed in conformity with the BRE digest 437 and British standards.

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