Office Fit-Out in Ringwood

Client: Positive Lending
Location: Ringwood, Hampshire


In order to maximize the space, we created an open-plan office that would utilise the available space, whilst creating a social and comfortable atmosphere for management and employees.

An illuminated suspended ceiling was implemented as they are proven to increase employee comfort and concentration. The material is soundproof and controls any internal noise within the building, with brightly lit surrounding areas, ideal for the office environment.

The boardrooms were designed with functionality and style in mind. The bespoke acoustic glass partitionings were created with multiple Positive Lending logos in the glazing of the walls and doors. The acoustic partitioning will give the office the option of private meetings with clients and employees. This will benefit the company immensely as many of their client’s information is private and confidential, so they need a space away from the hustle of the open-plan office.

As we designed the open-plan office to be a place of creativity and energy by using bright pink and blue on selected walls, we wanted the kitchen area to be the exact opposite. The canteen has been upgraded with a classic chic colour scheme of white and black. Our client wanted the kitchen area to be a place of relaxation with neutral colours, to not overwhelm employees while they are on their break.

The bespoke office break-out area needed to be an environment where employees could retreat to on their breaks to recharge, and employees could hold informal meetings between colleagues. The break-out area is equipped with demountable office partitioning for privacy, and we personalised the area to match the exact shade of pink that is used in the company’s logo. The project was completed on time and within budget, and our client is thrilled with the outcome of Jade Aden’s efforts.


Our team utilised the following products and materials for the project:

  • Glazed Partitioning
  • Acoustic Partitioning
  • Open-Plan Office
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Canteens
  • Handrails
  • Boardrooms

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