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The Best Office Design Ideas To Increase Productivity

The Best Office Design Ideas To Increase Productivity

The Best Office Design Ideas To Increase Productivity

How Office Design Affects Productivity

It’s only natural that our environment has an impact on our mood and productivity. Staff that feel happy, relaxed, and comfortable at work are far more likely to give tasks their all. Also, offices that are cluttered, messy, and not fit for purpose, are places where staff won’t be able to work as efficiently or effectively as they could.

The Impact Of Office Design On Increasing Productivity

Even the smallest of design decisions can have a huge impact on staff wellbeing. Changing the floor plan so that people have bigger workspaces, adding bright colours throughout the office, and maximising natural light are all just simple ways to lift people’s moods and create a work environment that promotes creativity and productivity.

Office Design Ideas For Increasing Productivity

At Jade Aden Interiors, we know a thing or two about good design. Here are some of our top office design tips for promoting a happy and productive workforce.

Open Plan Isn’t Always Best

Although open plan offices look great and are very on-trend, they have some downfalls that can have a negative impact on productivity. Noise travels easily through an open plan space, and a lack of quiet areas to work can hinder people’s ability to perform at their best.

A simple but attractive solution to this problem is fitting glass partitions. The glass looks modern and attractive, while letting light flow through the office. You can enjoy the best parts of having an open plan space, without the excessive noise. You can also take advantage of having dedicated private spaces such as meeting rooms.

Another way to tackle excessive noise is with suspended ceilings. Speak to our team today about ways to reduce noise in your office.

Consider Your Furniture

It may seem obvious, but ergonomic chairs, ample comfortable seating in break areas, and plenty of storage solutions all help to create a welcoming and functional space. You could even consider options like sit/stand desks, to give your employees the flexibility of working however they feel most comfortable.

Create Places For Staff To Recharge

Regular screen breaks and interaction with colleagues are both proven to have a positive effect on team morale. Comfortable break areas give staff somewhere to step away from their screen and will help them return to work after lunch feeling ready to take on the rest of the day.

Maximise Your Lighting

No one enjoys working under harsh fluorescent lighting, and it’s no secret that people feel more motivated in bright, airy surroundings. So why not swap out your light fixtures and create a pleasant, welcoming environment with LED bulbs that mimic natural daylight?

Jade Aden Are Experts In Creating Productive Office Areas

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