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Ideas For A Show Stopping Reception Area

Ideas For A Show Stopping Reception Area

Ideas For A Show Stopping Reception Area

Choose A Unique Front Desk

For a truly memorable first impression, when choosing the reception area’s welcome desk look for a unique, eye-catching design. Throughout our years of experience, the Jade Aden Interiors team have seen all sorts of desks including ones made from wood panels or old metal, some painted in bright neon colours and even a desk shaped like a truck! The reason these all worked so well is because they showcased the businesses brand and purpose perfectly.

Add Some Fun To The Waiting Area

Instead of the same old industry magazines littering the tables in your waiting area, why not add a bit of fun by offering puzzles, games or even colouring books? If you’re really looking for the thoughtful touch, keep your chosen activities relevant to your business. For instance, an architect firm might have Lego or an etch-a-sketch on the waiting table while a health insurance company might have Operation.

Install A Feature Wall

A feature wall in the reception area is a great way to stand out from the crowd, whether it’s a mural painted especially for your business, wallpaper disguised as industrial brick or photos of all your staff. To really make the feature wall pop, direct spotlights towards it to help pick out specific details and draw your client’s eye.

Choose Unique Decoration

Another great way to create a truly memorable reception area is to pick out unique decoration. This could be anything from a fish tank, water feature or hanging baskets full of beautiful green shrubs to statement lightshades, furniture and flooring. Again, ensure whatever you pick accurately reflects the personality of your brand but that it also functions properly too.

Leave It To The Professionals

Of course, the best way to ensure your reception area is playing its part in converting your clients is to enlist the help of a professional office refurbishment company. Jade Aden Interiors has been helping businesses create truly magnificent reception areas for many years and our experienced designers are experts at knowing how to make that all-important perfect first impression. Take a look at our past projects to see just what we can do!

Are you worried your reception area is letting your business down? Then it’s time for an office refurbishment! Contact the Jade Aden Interiors team today on 01425 689199, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.