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7 Tips for the Best Office Break Room

best office break room

7 Tips for the Best Office Break Room

1. Provide group games and activities

As well as offering a great way to relax, group games such as ping pong, scrabble, and table football in a break room encourage staff to interact and get to know each other in a more informal setting. This can help result in more collaborative work when back in the office. Only recently, Jade Aden Interiors designed and installed a mini golf course in a local office space!

2. Create an attractive, modern break room

No one wants to spend time in a dated, dingey room, so make sure your break room is light, spacious, and uncluttered. These factors of office interior design will have a beneficial impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

3. Separate break rooms from the main office

Separation is key to creating the perfect office break room. The whole purpose of a break is to relax and recharge away from the task at hand, so your office break room needs to be in a separate area, distanced from the main office. If space is limited, strategically positioning soundproof glass partitions will help separate your break area from the main workspace without blocking natural light.

4. Include comfortable furniture

Office chairs aren’t famed for their comfort, so it can make a real difference to have a genuinely comfortable place for employees to relax away from their desks. You can even get a bit inventive with break room furniture, mixing in beanbags, hanging chairs, and other dynamic options.

5. Don’t forget a kitchen

It’s amazing how much of a boost a kettle and some complimentary tea, coffee, and fruit can have on morale. By making sure the break room is equipped with some useful amenities and a few freebies, you’ll help employees feel relaxed, valued, and at ease.

6. Incorporate quiet areas for recharging

Not everyone wants to spend their breaks talking and socialising, and that’s ok – we all have days where we’d rather rest and recharge. Cater to these moments, and you’ll have a much more productive workforce. Consider designing specialised quiet zones in your break room with noise cancelling headphones, lower lighting, and even massage chairs.

7. Bring the outside in

Nature can have a calming and positive effect on all of us, and the benefits of biophilic office design (incorporating plants and natural features into the space) have been widely recognised. You can create a relaxing office break room by bringing in plenty of greenery – add in plants, trees, and fresh flowers to invoke a feeling of the great outdoors.

Create the best office break room with Jade Aden

At Jade Aden Interiors, incredible office design is what we do best. Whether you need more space, require a full office refurb, or just want a showstopping break out room that will inspire staff, we’ve got you covered.

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