The uses for office mezzanine floors

10th January 2018Back

The uses for office mezzanine floors

When you think of mezzanine floors, you may think of them only in terms of their storage purposes for industrial units such as warehouses. However, mezzanine floors are much more versatile than you may immediately believe and could be the perfect addition to consider for an office refurbishment

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Extra office space

If you’ve recently expanded your workforce, your office space can start to feel very cramped and claustrophobic for your staff, making for a negative work environment and reduced productivity. Why consider the cost and hassle of relocating when you could make use of the space you already have?

The installation of a mezzanine floor can provide you with the extra spill-out room for new employees and allows you to use some of the floor level office space you’ve freed up for other uses. Why not consider installing some stylish and space-efficient storage walls to keep on top of all that filing which has been clogging up your employees’ desks?

A private area

Does your office lack an area to get away from the bustle of everyday office life, such as a staffroom for your employees to relax or a boardroom to meet clients in private? These are both excellent additions to consider when considering an office fit out, as it’s important that your office has these spaces respectively for the satisfaction of your staff and for your professional appearance to clients.

Mezzanine floors provide the perfect private space, whether it's for a private office, boardroom or staffroom, therefore fulfilling a broad range of office fit-out requirements. As mezzanine floors are raised above the ground floor, they really are as private as you can get, and when combined with a stylish glazed partitioning system could be the jewel in your office crown.

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