The Benefits of Utilising Storage Mezzanine Floors to Help Your Business

24th May 2015Back

The Benefits of Utilising Storage Mezzanine Floors to Help Your Business

These systems can clear space on your warehouse floors for production while utilising the empty space that’s overhead for storage. Being easy to install is an added bonus and they do not cause significant disruption to business while they are being installed.


For access, employees can use stairways to reach pallets without having to use pallet jacks. Storage mezzanine floors can provide space for your heavy loads and general storage altogether. They can be built to withstand any weight requirements you may need, and being able to use them as additional shelving systems makes them multi-purpose. Making use of space overhead instead of building horizontally can save you space and money too in the long run. 

3 Main Ancillaries 

Manufactured from steel with either a powder coat or spray paint finish, staircases allow for the easy access to products for employees. For your information, there is also a wide variety of different nosing designs to choose from.

Next up are handrails, which are a vital safety feature that prevents users of the mezzanine floor from suffering an accidental fall to the floor below. To prevent any possible injuries to employees below, and make sure that no loose foreign objects fall off of the floor, the handrails are installed with a kick plate at the bottom.

The last of the 3 main ancillaries is the pallet gate, of which there are three different versions to choose from. One version is the pulley gate, another is the swing gate, and the third is the up and over gate. 

Whatever your requirements when it comes to the design and installation of your storage mezzanine floor system, our team of professionals can cater for them for you. Saving space and increasing productivity has never looked as good – wouldn’t you agree? 

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