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Office Fit Out vs Office Refurbishment: Understanding the Difference

Jade Aden Interiors Office Fit Out

Office Fit Out vs Office Refurbishment: Understanding the Difference

What’s an Office Fit-Out?

An office fit-out involves the complete design and construction of a new office space, typically from an empty or shell condition. It allows you to tailor the office to meet your specific requirements, creating a functional and inspiring environment for your team.

What Does an Office Fit-Out Involve?

Space Planning

An office fit-out begins with analysing your space to optimise its layout and flow. Efficient space planning will consider factors such as team size, departments, collaboration areas and workflow requirements.

Partitioning and Layout

Office partitions are installed to create separate areas, such as meeting rooms, private offices, and communal spaces. The layout is carefully crafted to balance privacy, collaboration, and efficient use of space.

What’s Office Refurbishment?

Office refurbishment focuses on revitalising an existing workspace, making improvements or modifications to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency. Rather than starting from scratch, you transform the space within the existing structure.

What Does Office Refurbishment Involve?

Renovation and Upgrades

Office refurbishment involves renovating various elements, such as flooring, ceilings, walls, and lighting. Upgrades may include replacing outdated fixtures, enhancing energy efficiency, creating more functional workspaces and improving overall comfort.

Décor and Finishes

Refreshing the office’s visual appeal is an important aspect of refurbishment. This may involve repainting walls, upgrading furnishings, adding artwork, and incorporating new design elements.

Which Service Do You Need?

  • Office Fit-Out: Opt for an office fit-out when you’re moving to a new location, starting from a bare space, or undergoing a significant expansion that requires a custom-designed workspace aligned with your specific needs and brand image.
  • Office Refurbishment: Choose office refurbishment when you want to improve your existing office space, update its functionality, enhance aesthetics, and adapt to changing requirements without the need for major structural changes.

Let Jade Aden Interiors Take Care of Your Office

At Jade Aden Interiors, we’re experts in designing new office spaces and refreshing old ones. Whatever you’re after, our team have the know-how to create a space that will improve productivity, increase motivation, and promote your brand image. Fit-outs and refurbishments can be carried out across the entire office space, from main rooms to breakout areas, to kitchens and boardrooms.

Get in touch today to discuss your office fit-out or refurbishment. Call us on 01425 689199 or send us a message – we look forward to hearing from you!