Anti-bacterial fogging for your office - is it the right choice?

24th August 2020Back

Anti-bacterial fogging for your office - is it the right choice?

Cleaning & disinfecting the workplace: Fogging vs Conventional Cleaning Products

As an employer, your priority post-Covid should be to prepare a safe return to the office for your members of staff. With that in mind, you’ve probably thought about having hand sanitiser dispensers placed on those key areas of the workplace such as the entrance, toilets and desks – but with coronavirus having the ability to persist in the air for up to 3 hours, and on metal and plastic surfaces for 2-3 days – what more could you be doing to ensure the health and safety of your employees?

What will anti-bacterial fogging clean that conventional cleaning products can't?

Many conventional cleaning products claim that they can kill 99.9% of germs, and whilst they do a good job of this, the truth is that sadly, they don't always kill as many germs as they lay claim to. Anti-bacterial fogging kills 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi, and most importantly – viruses – and covers each and every corner of your office (even those hard to reach places!).

Why fogging is an ideal alternative to conventional cleaning

Whilst conventional cleaning may get rid of the germs that lie upon the surfaces we can see, it will not target areas which could be missed or hard to reach by cleaners, for example, underneath tables and chairs, behind screen monitors and PCs, and even walls and ceilings where viruses can reside for days. For these reasons, antibacterial fogging is an ideal alternative cleaning method for offices. And yes, whilst hand sanitation is crucial to have in place, please remember that not all disinfectants are equal, meaning that they may not all kill the same germs as each other.

What is a fogging machine and how does it work? You can read all about our fogging service here, where we go into detail about our fogging treatment and how anti-bacterial fogging machines work. To prepare your office for the return of your team, call today to arrange a free quote.


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