Mezzanine Floors - Better Business Productivity and Space Savers

3rd May 2015Back

Mezzanine Floors - Better Business Productivity and Space Savers

Mezzanine floors can create office space in the air above you, which in turn, will allow for more space on the ground floors to be used for storage or other purposes.  

Benefits and Cost

Not only do mezzanine floors create additional space, but they are also quite cost effective and easy to install. The installation is so easy in fact that there is a minimal amount of disruption caused to production during the process. Another bonus to installing mezzanine floors is that the floor does not rely on the partition walls to be their support. Because of this, should you decide to remodel or reconfigure your office at a later date, the floors are easily changed or removed.

Another benefit of using previously unused pockets of air space in your office for storage is that is allows for more separation of administrative duties and warehousing operations. Having designated areas for both of these processes will decrease the odds of any accidents from happening on the floor. 

A common concern when it comes to using mezzanine floors for additional office space is questioning the levels of performance of the walls. By considering the needs of the space you want and picking the correct plasterboard system to fit these needs, the floors can match and more than likely go above and beyond the block and beams performance. 

Also, if you combine the office based mezzanine floor solution with a stud and track partitioning system, the total cost can be about a quarter of the price of a block and beam system alone.

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