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How To Integrate Your Branding Into Your Office Design

How To Integrate Your Branding Into Your Office Design

How To Integrate Your Branding Into Your Office Design

Implementing your corporate values:

It’s often thought that the only way to incorporate your branding is through your décor, however you can also express your company’s corporate values through other means. You could actively promote a collaborative working environment by making your office space as open plan as possible. This can be aided by the use of design features like glass partitions, which will allow for more private working areas without shutting the room off from the rest of the workplace.

To further promote a collaborative and social work environment, a breakout room is the perfect use of space. It shows clients, employees, and future employees that you care about staff morale and relaxation time!

Use of logos and slogans:

When done tastefully, the use of logos and slogans can perfectly show off your branding in a sleek and understated way. Great ways to incorporate branding into your office design are:

  • Placing a logo sticker on the glass of your entrance door for that instant identity
  • Heavier use of logo and slogans in reception and boardroom to create an eye-catching first impression for clients
  • Subtle placements like branded stationary for staff, that is then displayed on every desk

Artwork to promote your business:

Adding artwork to your office walls is the perfect opportunity to showcase the amazing work your company produces – for example, you could display any in-house photography, or commission a photographer to take photos of your team at work.

This kind of artwork will impress clients, and it’ll also serve as a reminder to staff that their contributions are valued. Artwork can also be another way to reflect your brand values – think about using quotes that have a positive or morale boosting message.

Bring your office to life with colour:

Implementing colours from your logo is a great way to add interest and brighten up your office design. You could do this by choosing one colour that is used as an accent to lift surrounding areas or instead make a statement through a striking mural or feature wall.

How We Can Help You:

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