How will glazed partitioning improve my business environment?

11th March 2018Back

How will glazed partitioning improve my business environment?

Continuously improving an office environment can be costly and time-consuming if you’re not properly informed about the best options for your business. A quick and cost-effective way to transform your office without breaking the bank is adding glazed partitioning to your boardroom or open-plan office. Glazed partitioning can be designed around the needs of your environment, so whether acoustic, fire-rated single or double glazed partitioning would benefit you the most our collection can suit any budget.

If you need more information about glazed partitioning for your business, or for a free no obligation quote contact our experts on 01425 689199.

Where can I add glazed partitioning in my office? 

Open plan offices

Open plan offices are great to maximise the potential space in a large environment, they also bring teams together to become more social. An open plan office should have the perfect mix of interactivity and privacy for employees, glazed partitioning in an office environment gives people privacy when they so desire. Glazed partitioning is also a great noise reducer, the glass partitioning filters noise throughout the office so if your building is amongst a noisy environment it could help this issue.


Instead of boardrooms that are shut out from the rest of the office, glazed partitioning is ideal to intertwine them into an open plan office whilst still offering privacy for clients in meetings. An aesthetically pleasing way to divide the workplace, glazed partitioning provides more comfort for staff. This will lead to more productivity from management and employees in your office. Our designers can also add logos and text to your glazed partitioning, that stylishly showcases your brand to clients and visitors.

We are one of the leading suppliers of workplace furniture and storage for boardroomsopen plan officescanteens, and reception areas. If you have any queries regarding our services contact the team on 01425 689199 for more information.

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