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How To Design A ‘Healthy’ Office

How To Design A 'Healthy' Office

How To Design A 'Healthy' Office

There Are A Number Of Workplace Design Trends That Are Emerging As We Move Into 2016:

  • Designs based on healthy behaviours, such as visible stairs and central common areas that are available to all.
  • Sit/stand workstations that can accommodate a range of postures for flexibility.
  • Wellbeing programs that bring fitness and health into the workplace (gym memberships for example).
  • A connection to nature, with natural lighting and views of surrounding areas.
  • Health-focused buildings with features that benefit air quality, temperature and acoustics.

With that in mind, designing an office space that encourages productivity and focus whilst remaining engaging and active can be difficult. Research has shown that a healthy workplace breeds a healthy atmosphere of wellness and increased morale. The design of an office is a huge factor in employee retention, with workers repeatedly highlighting the bespoke features of an office as the reason they remain with the business.

Employees recognise when a business is taking them into consideration when an new workspace is created, and this can have positive results for the organisation as a whole going forward including reduced absenteeism and a rise in productivity.

When designing your office layout, be sure to make the most of these factors to guarantee a happy workforce – you will reap the benefits.

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