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How To Create A Hybrid Office

How To Create A Hybrid Office

How To Create A Hybrid Office

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What Is A Hybrid Office?

A hybrid office combines remote working with in-office working arrangements. Such an office design promotes flexibility and convenience in terms of where employees work, as well as potentially reducing overhead expenses for the company.

What Are The Benefits Of Hybrid Offices?

Work-life balance improvement

Whilst more time can be dedicated to tasks (due to lack of commuting), a big concern for full-time remote workers is overworking, as the line between work and personal life can become unclear. This can lead to wellbeing and even mental health problems if employees are not resting up properly.

Spending time in the hybrid office can help sustain the divide between an employee’s work and personal life, and can also nurture employee engagement and company culture.

Increased employee productivity

By offering employees a flexible work setup, they are more likely to increase their productivity levels. Giving employees the opportunity to work from home if they need to concentrate or come into the office if they would prefer to have a face-to-face meeting – for example – gives employees the freedom to manage their environment in line with their own needs.

Reduction in Operation Costs

By adopting a hybrid office, lesser operation costs can be realised in the form of reduced rent and electricity fees (especially if you’re considering downsizing), as well as cutting employee transportation and food expenses. Research carried out by Microsoft found that employees used their time better as a result of working in a hybrid model.

What Are The Office Features Required For Hybrid Working?

A hybrid workspace needs features that provide ease-of-access, good connectivity and the opportunity to communicate with other staff, regardless of their location. With this in mind, key features of a hybrid office space include:

  • An increase in social collaboration spaces (versus desks)
  • Universal docking stations
  • A strong Wi-Fi connection for communicating with remote workers
  • Online unified communications and collaboration workflow tools
  • Technology to book meeting rooms and private spaces
  • Video-conferencing rooms
  • Configurable office furniture that is easy to move around
  • Sound scaping and noise-cancellation

Hybrid Office Design Tips For Zoom Calls

There are several ways you can take a Zoom call in the hybrid office. We would suggest booking a meeting or video-conferencing room to conduct your call. With the right hybrid workspace design, however, calls can be taken in social collaboration spaces providing the volume settings are not too loud to disturb your other in-office colleagues. Alternatively, you can opt to use a headset and take the call from a desk.