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6 Design Ideas For Improving Mental Health In The Workplace

6 Design Ideas For Improving Mental Health In The Workplace

6 Design Ideas For Improving Mental Health In The Workplace

Here Are Our Top 6 Design Ideas:

  1. Create breakout areas
  2. Give your office space some character
  3. Ensure there’s a sufficient amount of light
  4. Make sure employees have access to healthy food
  5. Make sure the office is sufficiently ventilated
  6. Keep the office open plan where possible

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More On Our Top 6 Ideas For Using Interior Design To Improve Mental Health

Discover more about how your interior design choices can improve the mental health and wellbeing in your workplace below.

1. Create Breakout Areas

Creating a space purposefully designed for downtime is a great way to help employees properly switch off and recharge during breaks. Desk lunches are fast becoming old-fashioned – and instead a space where employees can get together, maybe play some pool, grab a drink, and properly de-stress is a great way of improving mental health, and as a result, even increase productivity.

2. Give Your Office Space Some Character

The 1970s bland office block look doesn’t do anything to inspire positivity or improve mindset. In fact, it’s been proven that colour choice can really have an impact mood. For example, blues help to create a sense of calm while yellows inspire a sense of cheerfulness. But don’t limit your office spruce-up to a paint job, why not create themed areas or murals that really bring life to the walls?

3. Ensure There’s A Sufficient Amount Of Light

One in three people in the UK suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The darker winter months are hard for most people, but people that suffer with SAD experience bouts of much deeper levels of depression. Low light level can have a big impact on mood, so ensuring your office is well lit with effective lighting, bright, light walls, and an open plan layout will help to keep the mood lifted.

4. Make Sure Employees Have Access To Healthy Food

Eating well and healthily is in the first few pages of the mood boost 101 handbook, so ensuring your employees have access to a proper kitchen area with a fridge and microwave is a must. Jade Aden are experts in office kitchen area installation, and will ensure even the smallest spaces are utilised as well as can be. Your employees will soon have the option to store and heat up nutritious meals.

5. Air Conditioning And Ventilation

Similarly to light, ensuring that your office space is well aired also works wonders for mental health. According to studies, increasing fresh air and oxygen levels not only increases productivity, it increases stamina too, meaning investing in air conditioning and ventilations works for you and your business’ interests, as well as improving your employees’ sense of wellbeing.

6. Keep The Office Open Plan Where Possible

Feeling confined and claustrophobic are two of the main reasons why employee mood can suffer in the office. One of the best ways to increase employee wellbeing and mood is to ensure there’s a good flow of light and space. Why not look at installing partitions with soundproof glass, rather than stud walls? Assess the desk layout, to ensure there’s a good amount of space between each bank.