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Colour Psychology And Choosing The Correct Colour Scheme

Colour Psychology And Choosing The Correct Colour Scheme

Colour Psychology And Choosing The Correct Colour Scheme

Colour Psychology

It’s quite an obvious premise that colours affect us psychologically – sit down with someone and talk through the primary colours and they can all invoke strongly different feelings, such as blue making us feel calm or melancholy, and red inspiring passion and determination amongst other things. Colours are deeply personal and are closely associated with significant events and people in our lives, meaning that blue – for example – could have different effects on different people.

What often isn’t appreciated is just how deeply these colour associations can affect us on a basic level – even within the scientific community. There is a consensus that they have a profound effect on us, but despite every person on the street having an anecdote about how colours affect their mood and the associations with them, scientists dispute the medically therapeutic nature of colours as practiced by some cultures.

Science or not, the potential for boosting mood is real – at Jade Aden we’ve experienced it for ourselves!

Colour Psychology In Your Office

While many people have deeply personal connections to colours and the associated emotions, there are three main mood groups that the mood properties of colours can be grouped into – blues and purples are referred to as ‘cool colours’ for their ability to invoke calm and reflection, reds and oranges as ‘warm colours’ that can invoke passion, determination and alertness, and ‘neutral colours’ such as yellow and green that can provide a relaxing and focused space.

Following this key, Jade Aden can listen to your unique requirements for your office space and take colours into account. Is your office a hub of energy, dynamism and idea generation? Maybe some bright oranges and yellows will help reflect this. Looking to create a space of quiet focus and productivity? Blues, greens and neutral lighting could help your team feel as relaxed as possible.

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