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Building Regulations For Office Fit-Outs and Refurbishments

Building Regulations For Office Fit Outs and Refurbishments

Do You Need To Comply With Building Regulations For Office Fit-Outs Or Refurbishments?

What Are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations are statutory instruments or regulations that help ensure all domestic and commercial buildings, conversions, renovations and extensions are going to be safe.

Who Is The Body Responsible For Assessing And Approving Building Regulations work?

Building Control Bodies (BCBs) are responsible for checking building work to verify that it complies with Building Regulations. BCBs usually take the form of:

  • The Building Control department of a Local Authority, or
  • An Approved Inspector

Is It Worth Checking With Building Control?

What If You Don’t Check With Building Control?

Opting to proceed with an office fit-out or refurbishment project without building approval is very risky. You may be legally forced to demolish any changes or reinstate walls. The bigger concern is the possibility of a severe fine or even prison time for causing a death or injury as a result of negligence regarding fire regulations compliance.

It’s for this reason why we recommend you check with Building Control before proceeding with any office fit-out or refurbishment project.

Can Jade Aden Interiors Help With Building Control?

Yes! As part of the project, Jade Aden Interiors are happy to make an application on your behalf without adding any additional charges. We will only pass on the statutory fees charged by the Local Authority or Approved Building Inspector.

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