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Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings

Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings

7 Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings

Noise and Acoustics

Suspended ceilings are fantastic at influencing the impact of noise within your building, allowing you to have much more control over the acoustics of your space.

This makes it ideal for places where either silence or controlled and specific acoustic effects are needed, such as in schools, libraries and offices, as well as halls and studios.

These properties allow the suspended ceilings to potentially increase productivity and concentration levels, as well as provide a better environment for professionals to work effectively.


With the incredible freedom of design you can take with suspended ceilings, it opens up lots of opportunity for pleasing aesthetics and colour coding with your branding or desired house style.

Our suspended ceilings can also provide different ceiling heights, and create a unique atmosphere for each room or section.

What’s more, lights can be installed within the suspended ceilings in order to create different lighting effects that are appropriate for the intended use of the room.


Suspended ceilings also offer greater protection and risk reduction than other ceiling options, with important things such as fire, and can specifically have fire-retardant coatings and materials to mitigate this risk.

They also provide coverage from exposure to infrastructure such as wiring, electrics and piping, while also being useful to make fire escape and exit routes especially clear and visible.


In today’s world, insulation is more important than ever, and Jade Aden’s suspended ceiling options can help you with keeping your energy bills low – better regulating your building’s temperature during the winter and summer.


Suspended ceilings are suitable for a variety of buildings, including schools, offices, retail units, and hospitals – with the huge range of qualities available in design specification meaning they often meet the requirements for a wide range of sectors and businesses.

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