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Acoustic Ceilings: Everything You Need To Know

Acoustic Ceilings: Everything You Need To Know

Acoustic Ceilings: Everything You Need To Know

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What Are The Benefits Of Acoustic Ceilings?

The main benefits of suspended acoustic ceilings revolve around sound performance and its design, as detailed below:

Sound Performance Benefits

Suspended acoustic ceilings function to reduce reverberation by improving sound absorption, sound reflection and sound diffusion levels. This will provide overall sound performance benefits by maintaining sound in the room with the suspended ceiling, as well as reducing noise levels across adjacent rooms on the floor.

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

From durable PVC to lightweight aluminium panels, suspended acoustic ceilings come in an array of colours, materials, shapes and decorative designs. Not only do acoustic ceilings fix your sound problem, but we can work with you to design the perfect acoustic ceiling to complement your workspace.

Jade Aden Interiors Are Suspended Ceiling Specialists

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What Is A Suspended Acoustic Ceiling

A suspended acoustic ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the structural ceiling designed to reduce reverberation and sound levels whilst also looking attractive. Suspended ceilings can also hide any pipes or wiring from view but can still provide access to these utilities.