A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Suspended Ceiling

17th May 2015Back

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Suspended Ceiling

From exposed and concealed suspended ceilings to plank suspended ceilings, the following is a quick guide to some of the different styles to choose from. 

Exposed Suspended Ceilings

What’s probably the most common option of all the different types, exposed suspended ceilings come in a wide range of different pattered tiles, edging materials, fire ratings and acoustic properties. The major benefit that can be achieved from this type of ceiling is the speed and ease of installation and maintenance. 

Concealed Suspended Ceilings

What used to be one of the more popular options, concealed suspended ceilings have fallen in the ratings among customers in recent years. The reason for this is said to be the difficulty that can be posed when the tiles become broken or water damaged and need to be replaced. Having said this, there are certain types that are available that provide easier access than the regular models that are readily available. 

Plank Suspended Ceilings

Widely seen in corridors and reception areas, plank suspended ceilings are ideal for creating large open spaces that are attractive and allow for easy accessibility. As with the two options that are outlined above, plank suspended ceilings also come in a wide range of different styles and variations. 

Drywall Ceilings/MF Plasterboard

These have great sound proofing properties and are particularly useful for their fire retardant properties. Due to the fact that fitting times are longer in comparison to other types of suspended ceilings, these options are not as popular. 

Whether you’re looking for a ceiling option for your home or business, we hope that the information above assists you in making the right decision for your 

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