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5 Creative Ways to Get New Members to Join Your Coworking Space

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5 Creative Ways to Get New Members to Join Your Co-working Space

1. Host Networking Events

One of the biggest draws of a co-working space is the chance to meet and mingle with professionals from all walks of life, not just a single company. You can take this even further by throwing networking events that match the vibe and values of your co-working space. Think about hosting industry-specific mixers, skill-sharing workshops, or even fun themed parties!

These events aren’t just great for networking – they also show off the sense of community and teamwork that your space is all about, which will help attract members interested in bolstering their business relationships.

When you do throw an event, make sure you take lots of photos and videos, or better yet, get a professional photographer on the job. You can then use all the photos to promote your co-working space on your website and all your social media channels!

2. Create Membership Tiers

Not everyone who uses your space does it the same way – some just need a quiet spot to work on their laptops, while others are excited to make use of all the facilities you have to offer. So, it makes sense to tailor your membership plans to fit these different needs.

Instead of sticking to a one-size-fits-all model, you could offer different levels of membership with various benefits. For example, you could have a “Social Connector” tier that offers extra networking opportunities, or a “Wellness Warrior” tier that gives members access to yoga lessons and mindfulness classes. This way, you’ll be able to make everyone happy by catering to their specific preferences and budgets, and you’ll attract an even wider range of people.

As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that the money spent on membership to a co-working space is fully tax deductible. This might be just the nudge someone needs to feel more comfortable joining, especially if they’ve been worried about the financial side of things.

3. Partner With Local Businesses

Who says you have to keep everything limited to your office? By teaming up with local businesses like cafes, fitness studios, or even art galleries, you can treat your members to special perks even when they’re not using your facilities. You could offer them exclusive discounts or access to services provided by these partners, and in return, your partner could promote your co-working space to their own customers. It’s a win-win that not only adds extra value for your current members, but also lets new potential members discover the many perks of using your space.

4. Community Showcase Webinars

Apart from the facilities, networking opportunities, and perks, co-working spaces also offer a fantastic environment for learning and skill improvement. You can make this happen by organising engaging webinars or online workshops, which allow members to share their knowledge and insights. Not only does this add value for your current members, but it also showcases your co-working space as a vibrant hub of talent and expertise. Future members could be drawn to the idea of learning from and collaborating with these impressive individuals.

5. Invest in an Office Refurbishment

At the end of the day, your co-working space is only as good as what’s inside it. You might have amazing perks and opportunities, but a cramped and outdated design will make virtually everyone think twice about using your space.

Refurbishing your office gives you the chance to create a modern, visually stunning space that will impress new and existing members alike. It’s a clear indication of how much you value your co-working community and want to make sure they have a high-quality experience. This, in turn, makes it much more likely for people to want to join in and keep using your services.

Depending on what needs a touch-up, a refurbishment could involve anything from giving it a fresh coat of paint to upgrading all your electronic and lighting systems. It’s a fantastic.way to give your office a makeover, making it look great and work even better for many years to come.

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